Tamworth's Leading Protection Specialist

Specializing In Paint Protection, Window Tinting & Glass Replacement 

System X Certified Applicators 


We are System X authorised & certified offering the best Ceramic protection services for your Paintwork, Interior, Glass, Wheels and Plastics.

Global Window Films Certified 


We are Tamworth's Authorised Global window Tinting Film Installers offering Computer Pre-Cut Patterns and Application for all vehicles.

We Tamworth's Leading Protection Specialist


Offering only the worlds leading premium products to ensure your car leaves which the highest quality finish and care it deserves.





At Envy Auto Styling, we offer a vast range of market leading, quality Window Tint options to suit your every need. From darkest legal tint, privacy glass and even outstanding heat resistant clear films, we have you covered.

The team at Envy Auto Styling are trained and specializes in the latest computerised technology. With the use of a computer cut templates, you can be sure that the window film will be an exact fit every time with the use of premium films so that we can confidently offer you our satisfaction guarantee.




System X Ceramic Protection

Envy Auto Styling are certified and authorised installers for System X Ceramic protection.


System X is a true glass coating that bonds into your paint works microscopic pores forming an extremely durable crystal clear high gloss ceramic finish, providing genuine long-term protection.

By utilising proprietary ceramic resin technologies, System X offers incredible protection against damaging environmental fallout, is resistant to friction, heat and solvents, achieves certified 9H hardness and provides incredible resistance against UV and salt water.

System X is an ultra hydrophobic product, which provides a slick and easy to clean barrier against the elements by repelling water and preventing the adherence of contaminants. Regular washing is the only maintenance needed to keep your vehicle and marine craft looking fantastic.

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