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Full Front Coverage

From $2,500 includes:

Full Front Bumper, Headlights, Full Bonnet, Full Front Guards, Mirrors, and Door Cups.

The Full Front Package is the most common coverage option we have available. It provides the cleanest look possible as we can wrap most of the panel edges and eliminate the line of Partial Coverage across the bonnet and front guards. This package offers excellent protection for the full front of your car where most of the stone ships and damage happen.

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Drivers Package

From $3,200 Includes:

Full Front Bumper, Headlights, Full Bonnet, Full Front Guards, Mirrors, and Side Skirts with the area right behind the Rear Wheel covered also.


The Driver’s Package is designed based on the areas of the car that are the most exposed to impact and damage during use on and off the track. This is ideal for any daily and track driven vehicle. This package ensures all those areas most prone to ‘road rash’ are covered.

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Full Body Protection Package

From $6,600 Includes:

The Full Body Coverage is the ultimate worry free driving experience. Every exterior painted surface of the vehicle is able to be protected to ensure that no damage is incurred from road debris impact and everyday use. This will not only keep stone chips at bay, but also protect your vehicle against scuffs and minor scratches on every panel of the car – giving you complete peace of mind while enjoying driving and perfectly preserving the factory paint finish.


Constructed from a combination of advanced elastomeric polymers, XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS’ special clear coat not only prevents the film from discoloring due to contamination and ultra-violet radiation but also heals itself from swirl marks and light scratches that can occur through ordinary washing and drying or daily driving.

Contaminants such as bug splatter, bird & bat droppings, sap, and road tar wipe off XPEL Paint Protection Film’s super-slick surface with a cloth, while scuffs and light scratches on the surface of the film disappear within minutes in the heat of the sun or the warmth of your garage—leaving your car pristine and the protective film like new.

And this level of protection comes without compromise. The mirror smooth finish of XPEL ULTIMATE ensures that no unwanted texture, commonly referred to as “orange-peel,” is added to the appearance of your car, leaving the protected surface indistinguishable from the factory paint. Professional installation by one of our factory trained & certified installers ensure exact alignment around surface features such as air inlets, parking sensors, headlamp washers, and other design elements, while the film along the perimeter of each panel is wrapped around the edges for a truly invisible barrier against the hazards awaiting you on the road.



With XPEL DAP (Design Access Program) we have the ability to access over 80,000 patterns for most makes & models.

This leads to a precision fitment for every vehicle and the option to extend, change or customise any pattern to suit and eliminate any need to cut on the vehicle during application.



XPEL ULTIMATE Paint Protection Film uses a special polymer in its clear coat that flows even though it is cured. This allows the clear coat to find its natural level again after being disturbed on the surface, in Australian conditions this means even when you park your car in the sun – it starts to self-heal back to clear form.

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